that dream _v2.jpg
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Boy and Girl
Pencil and watercolour,38x28cm watercolour study .jpg

Blue watercolour study
Watercolour on paper,38x26cm in the day .jpg

Dreaming in the day
Watercolour and Ink,38x26cm of time .jpg

Winds of time
Ink and watercolour,19x20cm _v2.jpg

Watercolour on handmade paper 20x19cm .jpg

Pen and Ink and Watercolour,55x38cm and gold figures.jpg

Pink and gold figures
Oil and gold paint,30 x 40 cm .jpg

Oil and Pastel,56x42cm land of beauty .jpg

Sicily land of beauty
Watercolour and ink,28x18cm

Ink and oil paint on fabriano torso.jpg

Gold Torso
Ink and gold leaf,38 x 28 cm giving of flowers _v2.jpg

The giving of flowers
Oil on paper, 36 x 48 cm drawing.jpg

Museum drawing
Crayon on Fabriano,28 x 38 cm

The Dreamer
Collage, 21 x 17 cm beautiful world .jpg

This beautiful World
Oil on paper, 30 x 40 cm sleeping_v2.jpg

Sleeping mother
Pen and ink and watercolour

Cover design for book
Mixed media

Mother and child
Oil on fabriano torso .jpg

Female torso
Collage on fabriano, 38 x 28 cm girls.jpg

Pen and ink and watercolour _v2.jpg

Paper collage
Watercolour and ink, 47 x 36 cm

Green head
Oil and gold ink actress .jpg

The actress
Pen and crayon, 20 x 13 cm figure .jpg

Resting nude
Pen and Pencil and Crayon,40x25cm study .jpg

People Study
Pen and Ink on Fabriano, 27x20cm sisters .jpg

Three Sisters
Pen and Ink on Fabriano,25x31cm respect .jpg

Paying respect
Pen and Ink on Arches paper,26x36cm with hands raised .jpg

Figure with raised hands
Pen and Ink 19x15cm

Reclining nude
Pen and ink on Fabriano, 18 x 10 cm lady.jpg

Roman head
Pen and ink on Fabriano, 16 x 10 cm Anthropologist.jpg

The Anthropologist
Pen and ink on fabriano

Boy with cat
Pen and Ink Millet .jpg

After Millet
Pen and ink on fabriano Male .jpg

Standing Male Nude
Acrylic and Gouache paint,30x20cm drawing.jpg

Life drawing
Pen and ink .jpg
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Fruit bowl
Drypoint etching, 12 x 8 cm

Nude males
Charcoal on paper figures.jpg

Floating figures
Drypoint etching, hand coloured 10x8cm and son.jpg
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Mother and son
Pen and ink, 13 x 10 cm women.jpg

Mountain Women
Pen and Ink,15 x 10 cm _v3.jpg

Pen and Ink om Fabriano, 10 x 16 cm

Pen and ink on paper

Resting woman
Pen and ink 13 x 10 cm figure.jpg

Seated girl
Pen and ink,28 x 15 cm group.jpg

Family group
Pen and ink, 16 x 10 cm as warrior.jpg

Boy becomes warrior
Pen and ink on paper

Reclining woman
Pen and ink on paper, 12 x 8 cm party .jpg

Picnic party
Pen and ink on Fabriano, 20 x 15 cm

Figures in a group
Pen and ink on paper Market .jpg
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Flower market
Pen and ink, 15 x 13 cm

Sleeping head
Pen and ink, 15 x 13 cm Birth .jpg

The Birth
Pen and Ink and Watercolour,20x25cm

Mother and Child
Pen and ink on paper and Ink Mother and Child .jpg

Mother and Child
Pen and Ink,26x18cm

New mother
Gold ink and pencil on paper

Interlocking figures
Pen and ink on paper, 20 x 10 cm drawing_v2.jpg

Museum drawing
Pen and Ink,20x19cm